Sweet, sweet legacy.

Gallivant Mawa Ice Creams are the FIRST and ONLY Indian-style mawa ice creams to be launched in retail in the North American continent.

Veda for Vida

Our founder, Snehee Chaplot, is a Food Safety Scientist with over 15 years of experience ranging between research and development, commercialization and manufacturing.

Snehee was unable to consume dairy-based desserts and most ingredients didn’t agree with her body, in 2018, she created mawa ice creams keeping Ayurvedic principles of Dairy Farming and Processing in mind and after 18 months of R&D, she launched Gallivant® Mawa Ice Creams out to the world.

'Cooked' to perfection.​

As a further favorable benefit, the ‘cooking’ process results in an ice cream that has a buttery-rich caramelized texture but with only half the amount of fat as an American premium ice cream.

An act of compromise.