Gourmet Gallivant Sandwich

Quick treat on the go!

Featured flavor: Guatemalan Cardamom

Presented by: Chef Sunil


Preparation: 10 min | Serves: 1


  1. Mix butter and Chocolate chips in a bowl and heat it over a double boiler (when you cook something in a pan over a boiling pan of water its called double boiler) 
  2. Once melted add flavoring of your choice: fennel, ginger, cardamom powder, etc. 
  3. Take a Gallivant ice cream, your choice of flavor, I choose cardamom. 
  4. Cut ¼ inch slice and sandwich between the two cookies. 
  5. Freeze it back. For 10 minutes, so if any temperature loss has happened you can gain it back. Don’t freeze for too long; it will make the cookie soggy 
  6. Take out the sandwich and dip one half of a side in Chocolate and/or roll over with sprinkles, gummies or chips. 
  7. Your Gourmet Gallivant Cookie sandwich is ready!