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  • Cardamom Jalebi Crisp
  • Cardamom Jalebi Crisp
  • Cardamom Jalebi Crisp

Cardamom Jalebi Crisp

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Jalebi is a South Asian sweet snack with Persian roots. Traditionally, it was given to the poor during Ramadan. It is made by deep frying a fermented all-purpose flour batter in clarified butter (ghee), which are then soaked in saffron flavored sugar syrup. These crisps can be eaten hot or cold.

Gallivant®’s Cardamom Jalebi Crisp kit contains 2 pints of Gallivant® Cardamom Mawa Ice Creams, 5 Jalebi Crisps, Saffron Sugar Syrup Sliced Almonds, Slivered Pistachios, Rose petals, 2 pairs of Coconut bowls and spoons, a scoop, recipe card and some knick-knacks for kids.

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