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Mawa Ice Creams

Mawa Ice Creams are Indian Style Ice Creams made with Milk and Mawa (South Asian Milk Solids). They are slow cooked to develop rich silky caramelized notes that results in 'creamier than a gelato' frozen dessert. These desserts are egg free, gluten free and peanut free.

These frozen desserts were originally created by the Persian chefs as offering to the Kings and the royal family over 700 years ago. They are now an integral part of the festivities and cultures of the Persian and South Asian sub-continents.

Gallivant Mawa Ice Creams are inspired by the original creations of the Persians and South Asians and are manufactured keeping the same traditions and recipes in mind in our very own Houston, TX.


Gallivant Mawa Ice Creams are made with ethically sourced, honest and real ingredients from around the world. Our suppliers source these ingredients directly from where their roots are and thereby give us 100% assurance on their authenticity and freshness.

We take great pride in keeping our promise to our Consumers

Your body is a temple and we promise to give it the best and cleanest ingredients with no hidden additives. We treat our fans like family and your health and happiness is at the core of our business. We will search the high seas and the low valleys to find the coolest, freshest ingredients for your mawa ice cream. We are here to cause a commotion and shake up the ice cream industry and liberate you from companies that have put profit over quality and creativity. Let us take you on a magical ride to show you the world of flavor throughout mawa ice cream.

What our customers say:

Kuan Zhao says:

"All the ice creams were gone! My friends and their kids loved it especially the chocolate and mango. They really liked the deep rich taste and said it feels like what you would order in a fine dining restaurant."

Sumedha says:

"Highly recommend the Matcha Green & Pistachio. The best ice cream I ever had."

Abigail Sawyer says:

"Love the texture of this ice cream - so creamy! It is thick, almost like custard. The cardamom flavor is my favourite."

Karan Dara says:

"Chocolate is decadent. Mango is like aamras. Pistachio is just amazing. Cardamom was actually brilliant."

David Brown says:

"Really great! I especially like the cardamom. And the ingredient maps on the table are a great touch!"

Adrian Jasso says:

"Ruth's favorite was mango and I just got to chocolate (saved my favorite for the last). The pistachio was delightful. The cardamom ws so good, we made is stretch a spoonful at a time."