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Mango Coco Crunch

Recipe by: Snehee Chaplot

🥭 Ingredients per single serving 🥥


1 shortbread cookie crumbled
1 thick slice of cake cut into pieces as shown in the pic
1/4 thick slice of cake crumbled
1.5 tsp of sliced roasted almonds
1 scoop of Gallivant mango Mawa ice cream
1 scoop of Gallivant coconut Mawa Ice Cream

🍨 Procedure 🍨

1. Take a glass jar of your liking
2. Mix the cookie and cake crumble together and create the base of this sundae with this crumble mix
3. Add the scoop of Gallivant mango mawa ice cream and spread the ice cream such that a good layer is created
4. Layer the cut cake pieces
5. Add a good scoop of Gallivant coconut Mawa ice cream
6. Sprinkle the almond pieces on top generously
7. You can also add butter rum sauce, salted caramel or salted caramel dark chocolate sauces to add a salty crunch twist to the sundae 😋